Vocalocity provides OEM software components and tools for standards-based voice communication. Preparing for a recent trade show, Marketing Director Kim Martin decided to spice things up a bit. “At so many industry shows, the booths all look the same,” she said. “Not only do many of the companies have the same message, they illustrate it with the same stock photos. We wanted to do something completely different.” Martin called Galaxy Bright.

Galaxy Bright created a multi-level promotional campaign that included direct mail, booth graphics, website Flash and follow-up collateral. The pieces featured succulent photos of food with the slogans, “Taste the Difference” and “Success is Sweeter.”

“I was ecstatic with the end result. We really stood out at the show,” Martin said. “In a floor full of pictures of people on the phone, we had the only chef. I had prospects eating out of my hand. The message gave me the perfect opening to explain how Vocalocity is a key ingredient in so many successful vocal solutions. Competitors were coming by to say, ‘what a great idea.’ I’m very proud of the whole campaign.”

> Software Development

Trade Show Program Branding
> Direct Mail
> Trade Show Booth Design
> Website Flash Animation
> Follow Up Collateral

Corporate Branding
> Web Interface Design
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