SpectraCell Laboratories recently updated its corporate image, rebranding and revising all its marketing materials. Marketing Director Melissa Carroll set up an interim website to reflect the new image, but internal resources couldn’t provide the functionality she wanted in the time frame necessary. SpectraCell is a corporate sponsor of the Institute for Functional Medicine, and Carroll had admired IFM’s new website. She decided to see what Galaxy Bright could offer her situation.

After an in-depth consultation, Galaxy Bright provided a polished and professional website that showcases the new corporate image to its best advantage. Pages were designed to accommodate additional layers of functionality as more internal processes are automated in coming months.“The feedback we’ve gotten from both clients and salespeople has been very good,” Carroll said.

“The Galaxy Bright team is meticulously organized, that was invaluable to me,”she continued. “After every conversation I’d receive a written follow-up. I always knew what I needed to provide and what I could expect to receive from them. It kept the job moving, even when I was busy with other things. They’re fantastic to work with, I’m looking forward to the next phase of the project.”


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