SizeBase is out to change the rules – the rules regarding clothing sizes. The target market? Anyone who wears a size 8 from one manufacturer and size 10 from another; who has waited days for expensive alterations or had to ship back that perfect outfit because the actual clothes bore no relation to the size chart on the shopping website.

It’s a big objective, setting measurement standards in an industry whose constituents have been going their own ways for decades, if not centuries. To accomplish it, SizeBase needed an identity that would stand out in the lively world of retail, as well as measurement diagrams that are significantly easier to use than the varied sizing charts they aim to replace. Finally, the company needed a web brand that embodies the ease of use promoted by the SizeBase concept. For those things, SizeBase turned to Galaxy Bright.

Thanks to Galaxy Bright’s innovative designs and consistency of focus, SizeBase now has a fun and memorable corporate identity and a growing number of members. The professional image has also helped attract corporate and investor interest. SizeBase is on target to meet this year’s business objectives, good news for shoppers everywhere!

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