Proteus On Demand presented one of the more interesting branding and messaging challenges Galaxy Bright has faced in years. A leading U.S. provider of temporary structures, Proteus has three primary sales targets: large events, emergency services and extended-term facilities. Each market segment has its own standards, services, vendors and pricing models, so the company's communications required three completely distinct messages. Galaxy Bright needed to create a visual brand that could span all three, and a website that provided targeted information to very different types of clients.

Galaxy Bright's solution was to create a landing page as a gateway where visitors could choose the path they needed. "We basically created three separate websites, united graphically by the Proteus brand" said Ursula Webster, President of Galaxy Bright. "On the landing page you can select the industry segment you want, and from that point all the messaging relates to the area you've selected. You can't switch between market areas without backing up to the landing page, so there's no confusion for the clients. Someone looking for emergency food service won't end up lost in event planning."

Galaxy Bright provided content management tools so that the Proteus staff can frequently update press releases and product information. Each sub-site contains a large and constantly changing photo gallery that is crucial to new sales. So Galaxy Bright developers created a user-friendly tool that lets Proteus staff manage and change the photos with the same ease as posting a new press release.

"At our first meeting, there were so many competing messages and so much information, the Proteus staff was just overwhelmed with trying to come up with a coherent structure," Webster said. "Once Galaxy Bright stepped in with the idea of separating and targeting each specific market, the project ran smoothly and the client's been very happy with the result."

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