Think Strategically. Build Creatively.

Level5 launched its business in 2004 with a name, a business plan – and the industry’s biggest trade show coming up in six weeks. For the comprehensive branding needed to introduce the company in style, Level5 turned to Galaxy Bright.

With a blank slate and a looming deadline, Galaxy Bright went to work to develop a brand and create imagery that would establish Level5 as a new force in the industry. Time was tight, but the creative team knew their efforts had to be viable for the long term, not just fill the immediate need. Each piece was carefully designed to reflect the unique Level5 business approach. The resulting logos, stationery, collateral, website, ads and trade show booth were not only delivered on time and within budget, but continue to be a source of pride and to generate leads for the company. Partner John Hyche credits Galaxy Bright in part for the company’s quick success:

“We were hopeful for contract revenues of $15 million in our first year. Galaxy Bright helped us get off to a strong, fast start. That, and plenty of hard work on our part, resulted in first year contract revenues approaching $40 million and five very happy partners.”— John W. Hyche


> Financial Services


Strategic Branding
> Logo Design
> Collateral Package
> Lead Generation Brochure
> Capabilities Brochure
> Web Development
> Tradeshow Booth Design

Corporate Positioning/Copy Writing
> Tagline
> Corporate Communication