Company Culture

Each member of the Galaxy Bright team embraces and cultivates the following company culture:


I focus my attention on the successful outcome of whatever I am doing | I set the curve and resist measuring my success against the status quo | I reset my own expectations for each project |


I look for opportunities to add lasting value to the lives of my clients. co-workers and vendors | I invest my time and resources to help my co-workers develop personally and professionally | I act as a leader, educator and mentor to help others develop their abilities |


I only make agreements I am willing and intend to keep | I always do the right and ethical thing even when it’s challenging | I treat others in the manner I'd like to be treated |


I learn from other team members | I strive to learn, grow and improve | I improve future practices based on past experiences |


I believe that two heads are better than one | I honor the individual contribution and cultivate the collaborative process | I focus on cooperation and look for a resolution - not a compromise |


I am purposeful with everything I do and every project I deliver | I deliver exceptional products and service without excuses | I provide our clients with a valuable service at a fair price |


I look for solutions that are fresh and new and stay open to ideas from other team members | I listen to the needs of our clients and tailor to their needs | I question our clients’ answers rather than simply answering our clients' questions |